Redistributing wealth
back into the hands of
those that tend to nature.

Redistributing wealth
back into the hands of
those that tend to nature.

We are a 501c3 “DAO” (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) working to redefine the culture of being healthy, wealthy, and being an environmentalist. We work with technologies both physical & digital to automate systems for better livelihood, in our own lives and in our environments. Our goal is to fund Carbon Reduction Technologies and create a supply chain of funding for Tribes who are preserving & protecting our most precious environments.


We have identified specific kinds of technology both physical & digital, that can help humans "automate" the curation of cashflow, with simply just an Iphone and internet connection. Subsequently, we seek to spread this message Globally to help reshape the paradigm of exchanging time for money.

Banks & Hedge Funds have been using artificial intelligence to grow their reserves of money that we "deposit" into the banks. Banks then triple your investment using YOUR money but then only give you up to 1% a year....

Now because that seems reasonably unfair (which it is) we have discovered the same reliable tools for scaling reserves. & With these technologies, anyone in the world can "automate" their income reserves and generate cashflow. The goal is to free up the most valuable asset that we all have... TIME... & with our precious time preserved by not needing to "work" for our money, we can actually spend that time giving back to our Ecology's globally.

Currently, we are finding dozens of projects seeking to use Blockchain to innovate Environmental Preservation and Carbon Reduction. Carbon Capital Fund is in FULL support of these projects and are formulating plans to work cohesively with them while also preparing for our own road map....

With these Automated Trading Tools for Forex & Cryptocurrency we are educating people all over the world & eventually will be launching an NFT project to build a Liquidity Pool 100% Allocated towards supporting Carbon Reduction & Funding Tribes to build one of the best supply chain of Organic Produce, Botanicals, Foods, & More!

Carbon Capital was co-founded by Patrick Bedrose & Salvatore M. Swain, both of which found unique paths into the world of Financial literacy & Environmentalism. 

They have similar ideologies to Buckminister Fuller, who made renowned breakthroughs in livingry technologies (as opposed to weaponry), for the betterment of all life on Earth. His sustainable technologies, like the “Dymaxion” (“maximum gain of advantage from minimal energy input”) home, non-gasoline car, and geodesic domes have been suppressed by mainstream money, in their opinion. Which is why bridging the gap of the financial world and environmental sustainability is so important to them.

Image of the visionary Buckminster Fuller


Both Patrick & Salvatore have a diverse background in Quantum Health, Human Optimization, Psychedelics, Yoga, Business Development, Credit Repair, Precious Metals Collecting and much more, that has led them to their successes today. That’s why their approach is holistic.

They understand that there are two sides to the coin.

One side is teaching the difference between Money, vs Currency, so you can create lasting financial sovereignty & freedom.

While remaining in integrity with the environment, by lessening the damage progressive technologies have had on it. And redistributing wealth back into the people’s hands who have nurtured it for a millennia, so that the entire ecosystem can be abundant.

Our Founders

TheAsbury Liberty Dollar pic

Patrick Bedrose

Co-founder, General Partner and Trustee for Carbon Capital Fund NP

Patrick’s interest in automated asset management has grown significantly over the past few years with multiple self made, family businesses demanding his time and attention, passive income and time freedom becoming more and more attractive. And now instead of crypto currencies and Algo trading being supplemental to his other business income, he has built a diverse portfolio that grows daily, without his focus. 

Meaning his focus can be on his passions, which are psychedelics, yoga, biohacking, business development and educating others on money vs currency. Which is why he carries a Silver Liberty Dollar (NORFED) on him everywhere he goes, so he can have the kind of conversations that change someones financial education, and potentially future, forever. Because it’s never been just about his own financial success (hence the “Family First” tattoo across his chest). As a big Bucky fan, he’s a firm believer in his words

“It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a ‘higher standard of living than any have ever known.’ It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary”

Salvatore M. Swain

Co-founder, General Partner and Trustee for Carbon Capital Fund NP

Alongside being a manual Day trader for the last 5-years, Salvatore has deeply explored his passion in plant medicine, quantum health, business, blockchain technology & now artificial intelligence. . After helping develop businesses for the last 3-years, Salvatore coined an Urban Paradigm of combining Shamanism with Business… eventually coining the term “ The Credit Shaman”, which symbolizes a special relationship between Business & Spirituality in helping business people become more in touch with the metaphysical side of reality, all while assisting Shamans and tribal leaders to their inevitable adoption of digital currency. 

After years of manual trading, studying chart patterns, countless hours of technical analysis, roughly 2 years ago Salvatore discovered AI technology that could do ALL of those things for manual traders 100% automatically. Becoming fascinated with this technology for its potential on financial liberation and time freedom, Salvatore is now full send into the digital economy & artificial intelligence.  

Currently Salvatore is focusing mostly on coaching, capital management and teaching people about blockchain technology & AI bots that have helped him achieve his definition of financial freedom at only 24-years of age. His vision is to help create a common culture of wealth & sustainability. 

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