Trading Automation Package (Video Course)


Trading Automation Package (Video Course)





Not many people understand that Artificial Intelligence has been used as a function for trading big banks and institutional money for the past 2-decades. The moment you sign a banking agreement you allow the bank to credit your money and for them to take your money and trade it with these AI bots that make them large capital gains 24/5 in the Foreign Exchange Market & now 24/7 in the Cryptocurrency Markets. Banks will take your money and trade with it & give you .01% A YEAR !? Which actually means that with the current rate of inflation, you are actual LOSING INTEREST on your money thats sitting in the banks.


We now have the opportunity to level the playing field with 100% Automated Trading Tools that takes the emotions and time out of your trading. This is for Manual Traders who have either struggled with consistency or are ready to build another stream of income along side of their manual trading. This is for people who are not yet savvy with Day Trading and technical analysis and would much rather have AI employees, so to say, manage their money for them. This is also for professionals in other industries like real estate, sales, management, etc. to use their money to make more money without the time, stress and emotions that may come with making investments grow. This is for those people ready to take practical steps to automate their income & spend their lives doing what fulfills then more than just making money. THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK OR MLM SCHEME. Carbon Capital seeks to educate about how automating money can allow us to focus on bigger problems, like our environments and ecosystems that are at HIGH RISK because of our capitalist habits.


The obvious reason to use this technology is for earning 8-20% ROI MONTHLY.  The less obvious reason to use these tools are for reframing the words “HIGH RISK.”  Meaning we no longer can be focused primarily on the risk of losing money when we are at potential HIGH RISK of losing an ecosystem.  Not to promote fear in anyway, we only want to provide the highest level of empowerment and self accountability possible for you.  We feel the risk of not having a habitable planet for our children and grandchildren for us is the HIGHEST RISK action we can take.  Through these technologies we realize that the toxic capitalistic lifestyle of American consumers can be changed.  The return of our free time to be stewards to the land the way the human was designed is an opportunity we see to be feasible.  We have everything we need life support wise provided by this beautiful spaceship Earth.


This Package gives you the step-by-step process and instructions to get set up with some of the most cutting edge automation tools that took us over 2-years to find and work with. Once you go through the process there are several steps that you will need to complete for the initial setting up process of several bots that we use.

What This Course Will Cover:

  • Introductory Technical Skills > Buying, Sending & Receiving Cryptocurrency
  • Psychology > Money/Time Management & Money Rituals
  • Step-by-Step process to setting up 100% Automated Bots
  • Using Bots To Get Funding Firms Capital
  • Strategy & Capital Gains
  • ***BONUS*** > Cryptocurrency technique to earn more on capital gains
  • Access to our exclusive Telegram Community


This course will provide you with a variety of Automated Trading Tools; some that have one-time lifetime licenses depending on the amount of capital you’d like to manage; some are FREE to sign up and connect to but take a generous profit split; others that are a little more manual and can have complete control of the settings for you to use on any Forex pair, in addition to using the AI to pass funding challenges to acquire more capital if needed. Some of these tools are High Frequency meaning they capitalize on very small incremental trades with VERY tight risk management settings. Others are programmed with Machine Learning & take trades once per day only risking 2-5% per trade. Some of the more manual bots that we recommend require supervision and strategy than others, and if your attention falls off for a major news event can increase your risk even more. We will explain more inside of the course!


After testing some of these tools for ourselves and tracking the data via Myfxbook, a verified third party, the monthly return is roughly between 10-25% ROI along with their success rate of +75% per trade. These tools WILL take loses as that is the cost of business and the cost to play the game. However, we have NEVER seen a losing week, or a losing month while using some of these tools over the past year.


The Minimum investment for most of these tools are $1,000 USD. Of course, the more you’d like to make the more capital it will require however if your goal is to make at least $1,000 USD monthly than we suggest at least $10,000 USD. If you desire to hit a goal of lets say +$100 day some of these tools require about $10,000 – $15,000.

Automated Trading Tools are High Risk and should be treated with discretion. Please do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. This is not financial advice. This information is for educational and informational purposes only. You will not be able to hold us liable in the event of a loss of funds with these Automation Tools. Past profits do not guarantee future results. Checking out with this products means you fully accept the risk involved when working these trading tools. We do our best to provide information on quality tools but sometimes we do make mistakes and some of these companies are not as true as we’d like to believe. Please reach out to us if you have any questions/concerns. 


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